Wait. Didn't he appear from nowhere? You are right

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The potion can be made easily. For your pouch, speak to OSRS gold Oldak, who will speak about Zanik's personal customs, such as her friendship with Juna. Speak to Juna close to the Tears of Guthix cave, and she will provide you Zanik's bowl. Use the bowl using almost any Summoning Obelisk (a big one, not a little one) with a blank pouch, green charm, and 23 spirit shards to get a Zanik pouch. Go back to Yubiusk. Wear your gauntlets and start the sarcophogas.

It will inch open just. The both of you will return to Dorgeshkan. In Oldak's room, a cutscene will take place where Zanik describes what she saw. She'll be interupted by the abrupt appearance of a level 34 HAM Assasin. Zanik will shoot him dead.

Wait. Didn't he appear from nowhere? You are right. You don't assume HAM has duplicated my spheres? What? It's a long story, but HAM stole among Oldak's spheres out of Duke Horacio's trade secretary. I gave him that as a present. I didn't imagine this could happen. Oh my. This system indicates that more are coming. I can delay the process while you two prepare for the worst.

At this moment, visit the lender and inventory for a struggle. Head to Oldak and buy RS gold tell him you are prepared. Sigmund utilizes his 43 prayer, again, and Johanus may use variety and melee, in addition to prayer.