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It will release the POE Heist League in less than half a month. Players in the league can get POE Currency and some precious items for themselves through robbery and other methods. In the Rogue Harbour area of Heist, they need to form a squad of thieves before the official robbery starts, so it is very important to choose shrewd and capable thieves. In addition, they also need to prepare action plans to face various situations.

Players who want to go to Rogue Harbour must first get Markers by fighting monsters, which is a new currency. When they come to that area, they can sign an action contract with the thieves according to their needs. Each contract will take players to different facilities where they will work with hired Rogues to steal treasure.

During the robbery, players need to pay attention to the alarm table on the screen. When they cause too much commotion, the guards will track the location of the treasure. Although players can find and loot the treasure room in the robbery, artifacts are the primary goal. If the player can put it into the artifact before warning the guard, they can steal it. But once they picked up the artifact, the guards acted. If the player escapes, they will keep the loot. But death means that all hard work has become meaningless.

Players can sell the looted items to players to collect artifacts, and they can sell them to the fence in Rogue Harbour in exchange for more Markers. In this way they have the capital to make Grand Heists. Although Grand Heists are more complicated and need more help from thieves, it will also provide players with more POE Orbs and POE Items. Before all actions begin, they had better POE Currency Buy to make adequate preparations.