Ten Must See Tourist Attractions in Vancouver British Columbia

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Ten Must See Tourist Attractions in Vancouver British Columbia

Definitely this greatest attraction in Vancouver is Stanley Park. This massive 400 hectare park on the edge of downtown Vancouver is known as the Crown Jewell of Vancouver. There are many attractions in Stanley Park including the famed 8 mile Sea Wall which loops around the perimeter of the Park. And, the next major tourist attraction in Stanley Park is...

Prospect Point

Prospect Point in Stanley Park is one of those postcard spots. This lookout point is located just under the Lions Gate Bridge, right on the sand of the Pacific Ocean, and across the water form the beautiful Mountains. It is hard to describe the beauty at Prospect Point, but it will truly take your breath away.

English Bay

If you walk the Stanley Park Sea Wall you will eventually end up Vancouver Attractions tickets for sale walking through the English Bay Beaches on the south side of the downtown Vancouver peninsula. It is a great spot to go for a walk or lay on the beach. But the main attraction is the beauty, English Bay is located on the edge of downtown Vancouver, overlooking the city of Vancouver, beside Stanley Park, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver Island and the North Vancouver Mountains!

Robson Street

Robson Street is known as the Rodeo Drive of Vancouver. So, if you like to shop, make sure you take a day and go shopping on this awesome street in Vancouver.

Vancouver Aquarium

Everyone likes the Vancouver Aquarium, and for good reason. This is the largest aquarium in Canada, and the Vancouver Aquarium features some of the world's only animal exhibits.

Granville Island

Granville Island is an island located underneath the Granville Street Bridge. Formerly named Industrial Island, this is one of the greatest tourist attractions in all of Vancouver. If you tour around Granville Island, you must take a walk through The Market, some great seafood, and unique artwork.