Ways To Resolve Asus Router Disconnected From Internet

This is one of the most common issue that users face where Asus router keeps dropping WiFi. There are many reasons due to which you can face this error.

An interrupting internet connection can be very frustrating. This is one of the most common issue that users face where Asus router keeps dropping WiFiThere are many reasons due to which you can face this error. The first is that there might be a problem while setting up the router. There can be any misconfiguration in the settings. You can reset the router in this case and solve the problem. Another reason is that there is no internet access in your router. There may be some problem with the adapter. One of the major cause is outdated firmware of the router. Sometimes you miss the alert or don’t receive it and the router firmware does not update. You can manually check for any updates and update the firmware of your router. The overheating of the router can also cause it to disconnect from the internet. Now, let’s have a look at some of the ways to fix Asus router not workingFollow the steps mentioned below.

Ways to fix Asus router disconnected from internet:

  • Make sure that the router is placed properly on a smooth surface. All the wires and plugs of the router should be connected properly.
  • Navigate to settings and check for firmware update. Update the router's firmware.
  • The router maybe overheated, turn off the router and disconnect all the wires and plugs attached to it. Give it a reset for a minute and then plug it back.
  • Contact your internet service provider and see if there is a server error.
  • Check for any physical damage and see if the router is faulty.

Follow the steps mentioned above but if you still find Asus router not working. You can try resetting Asus router to factory settingsFactory Reset setting wipes out all your data and password along with Network settings but in some cases that is what we are going for. Resetting a device is providing it a clean slate so that it can get rid of bugs and work well. Let’s take a look on the steps for how to Reset ASUS Router to Factory Settings.

  • Type your router IP address in any of the web browser.
  • When asked, enter your user name and password.
  • Go to the Systems or Systems Tools
  • Here you would find Restore or Factory Default.
  • Click on that and press OK to confirm.
  • Wait for the router to reboot.
  • The router will start and the process of reset Asus router to factory settings is now complete.

In order to navigate to settings and perform any function. You must know how to access Asus router login pageYou require the IP address of the router for this. The default IP address of the router is You can type the same in any web browser connected to the router and login.