5 Freight Tips to improve and stabilize cash flow

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With freight forwarding ERP software, companies can manage cash flow better. Track your financials, set credit limits and discover new ways to have stability at all times

17% business owners say payment delays undermine their confidence to run business

Companies with a healthy cash flow handle disruptions better. A cash flow statement can say much more about the company's ongoing growth.

Improve cash flow with a firm grip on your financial processes. With freight management software like Logi-Sys, you can monitor your company's revenue movement closely and discover ways to better your financial decisions.

Here are five tips that will help stabilize and enhance cash flow with freight technology:

  • Send timely reminders for receiving payments
  • Revisit the contract with your carrier and negotiate better rates
  • Be disciplined and save on fines and penalties
  • Set the right price for your services
  • Limit the credit amount to select customers

It may seem negligible but making minor changes to the processes bring multi-fold effects to your cash flow. Want to get started on improving your freight cash flow? Just hit the link.

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