Synthetic craft badges and integration store contrast

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Steam has two large game promotions every year, Steam launches the Steam activity reward badges to make the game full of value. To promote usual consumption, bring the Steam Integral Store to the player.

Steam integral stores tell players, you can get the corresponding points each time you purchase. And points can be exchanged and even used for the rewards of the Steam community. Promote consumption in a sense.

Steam should also understand that many players are synthesized in the game badge. You can get a lot of additional rewards while getting Steam Level Up. Such as game background pictures, emoticon used for communication. Steam Level can get a display cabinet for each increase of ten levels.

Steam integral stores are rich in these items, players can use points to redemption XP higher enthusiasm badges, without ten levels can be displayed. More abundant background pictures, emoticons, and avatars, and stickers. In addition to static, these items have dynamic, more attractive. Even players are to buy games for a certain item.

The Steam Integral Store is more diverse, more perfect in the design of the item, and can fully meet the needs of the player. But the purpose is to promote, although the player can accurately get what they want, the price is also expensive.

The synthesis of the game craft badge seems to be a game. Players don't know what they will get. Background pictures and expressions are random, and the Steam trading card itself is also a collection and transaction value. Players can get profits in the Steam market. And there is a chance to get a game supplement package or other games. But the craft badge can only get 100XP per synthesis, and the seasonal badge with the integration store cannot be compared. After all, some players want to increase their chances of STEAM Level Booster by improving Steam Level.

The Steam Integral Store reduces players' Buy Fast Steam Level Service to a certain extent, but for players who don't have enough money to buy games, the latter is much smaller. Steam's appetite is also getting bigger and bigger, but services are getting finer and finer. The choice of players is actually more.