The Steam Level Rewards

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Steam Level is upgraded by earning XP, and every ten levels is an interval. Level 1-10, the XP required for not upgrading once is 100, and then the XP for each level up to level 11-20 is 200, and so on.

The first way to get XP is by buying games. Currently, the number one player has more than 4,000 games. But one will only increase XP by 1 point. Before playing games, you can get XP, but now it seems that there is no such mechanism.

The second is to get randomly dropped badge cards by playing games to synthesize badges. Just the most common way to get XP. And synthetic badges can also get the badge and some other rewards. For example, chat emoji, profile background, and even have the opportunity to get free games and discount coupons. And the badge can be upgraded 5 times.

The third is through participating in various community activities, seasonal sales activities, and Beta plans. You can also get badges by completing community tasks or purchasing game activities. However, the XP earned by these badges is not capped. There is even a badge you can get tens of millions of XP. Of course, it costs a lot. So it is the best choice to complete community tasks.

Many players are committed to Steam Level Up, but also because they can get some rewards. For example, your number of friends will increase, and you will get trading cards for playing mini-games, voting, and other actions that take place during the Steam sale. Each additional 10 levels can get a personal data showcase and the drop probability of Steam Level Booster. The former is used to show off, the latter is used to get more Steam trading cards, and you may get rare cards, you can sell them for profit.

Whether you choose the Buy Steam Level Up service or not. This mechanism of Steam can be carried out. You can play it as a card game, which is quite interesting.