You've got to get the codes

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Not much to Animal Crossing Bells explain really. It is only a bad joke. But here is some background info from the author of this joke:"And when we were workshopping the bass jokes, someone pointed out that, as a joke folks were going to see many, many times, normally alongside disappointment they did not grab something better, perhaps it could be easier to spin it optimistic," Heiret tweeted. "Make it a C+ instead."

You've got to get the codes and set the pictures down as a rug in order to earn the picture. Simplest way is to download the switch app on your telephone and link it to a animal crossing game on your switch account. But in case you've got the able sisters open you can get number codes and use those through their store.

You look them up online like hunt acnh QR code's and add specifics if you want to. Then scan with your telephone or ds after downloading the program and connecting it to your match. It may however be a bit of a pain because you can only scan one qr at one time with your telephone (sometimes I use another telephone to make the process quicker if someone's I can borrow is around) and you also just have a limited quantity of spare slots so pick wisely. And you may also make them yourself but you can save yourself the time and see if somebody else has done it first and shared.

Waitttt we can place designs on the floor of Buy Nook Miles Ticket our homes!? Animal Crossing inspired back piece by Pony Reinhardt of Tenderfoot Studio in Brooklyn New York. My first tattoo!