Alternatives Tools to Cite This for Me You Can Use for Dissertation

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This article is about the well-known tool for citations of dissertations. Discover the pros and cons of Cite This for Me and also the alternatives you can use for your dissertation.

Cite This for Me is one of the well-known reference generators that automatically generates citations for dissertations. It includes APA, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver, Chicago, IEEE, and other citation styles. It can automatically generate citations for websites, books, journals, articles, and newspapers. Cite This for Me offers the possibility of choosing citations from various sources. But it is only as reliable as the material it acquires from the sources, and sometimes the citations are missing important information, such as authors' names or journal titles. Because of that, the citations need revisions and results in frustration. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of Cite This for Me and enlist the alternatives you can use for your dissertation.

How Good Is Cite This For Me?

The free version of Cite This for Me has the following features:

  • Pros

  • Utilizes a variety of techniques to add references to your library
  • Cite This for Me allows you to generate references for books, articles, and journals.
  • You can generate the references for the web pages by installing an extension of Cite This for Me in Google Chrome.
  • Cite This for Me recognizes the citation type you're trying to create and adds appropriate information for that.
  • If you have trouble locating a reference, you can always enter it manually
  • Allows you to generate the citations in any style you want
  • Copy your completed Bibliography to your clipboard and paste it at the bottom of your work, or export it to a Word document.
  • Cons

  • Cite This for Me's free edition does not work in Word; instead, you must export your references to Word. It is acceptable for bibliographies at the end of your paper, but it's not ideal for in-text citations – for example (Stephen, 2006).
  • The references generated in the free version has many errors and contains numerous mistakes.
  • APA and MLA generators are inflexible and frequently produce results that do not meet the APA Manual of Style criteria and the MLA Handbook 
  • Other citation styles also have numerous errors in the free version
  • Cite This for Me does not provide proper reference ordering and bibliography formatting, which is against the norms of specific citation styles
  • Cite This for Me does not have a mobile version
  • The user interface is not friendly
  • Premium features are very expensive
  • The free version has a lot of advertisements

Is Cite This for Me free?

Cite This for Me has a free version that allows you to generate references, but the free version has a lot of advertisements. The premium version allows you to save your references and not have any advertisements. The premium version can also give you access to their plagiarism checker.

Best Alternative You Can Use For The Citation

There are many alternatives to Cite This for Me that you can use for citing your dissertation. Experts of a dissertation writing service have taken an overview of those alternative platforms for citations.

  1. Otto Bib

Otto Bib is a citation generator that provides end-text citations for books or eBooks using ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers). Let’s overview its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pros

  • Fast and Convenient to Use
  • Insert an ISBN into the textbox, and it will generate an MLA, APA, Chicago or Turabian citation style.
  • You can also generate citations from a BibTex entry and Wikipedia citations.
  • Powered by World Cat
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • It does not require any user registration
  • Cons

  • Issues in the formatting of references
  • Generated references have errors in capitalization and italicization.
  • It also doesn't say which edition of the citation styles it's using.


  1. Mendeley

Mendeley is an academic, social network and reference generator that can enable you to manage your research, connect with others online, and learn about new research. You can use Mendeley as an alternative to Cite This for Me for generating bibliographies. Mendeley allows you to access online papers through its Literature Search option. User registration is necessary for Mendeley.

  • Pros

  • The desktop version of Mendeley is free.
  • Mendeley can automatically download the articles' citations in your chosen citation style.
  • Users can also install the Chrome extension of Mendeley to generate references from the websites.
  • Web-version of Mendeley is also free.
  • You can organize your citations and bibliographies by saving them in separate folders for future references.
  • You can also install the MS Word plugin of Mendeley and generate the citations directly from MS Word.
  • Mendeley also allows you to read the abstract of a journal paper
  • Cons

  • The web version of Mendeley does not allow you to generate citations and bibliographies.
  • You can only generate the citations using the desktop version
  • Mendeley began encrypting data stored through its service in June 2018, making it impossible for users to export it
  • Incompatible with Google Docs
  • Reference deduplication is not visible
  • Direct import does not work, and you will have to save the file to the RIS format first.
  • Does not provide footnote citation style


  1. Zotero

Zotero is a free and convenient tool to generate citations automatically. Zotero detects web research automatically. You can categorize items into collections and assign keywords to them. You can generate references and bibliographies in seconds. You may arrange your work to fit any style guide with support for over 100,000 citation styles.

  • Pros

  • It's simple to use
  • The free version includes all functions
  • Upgrades to the software are always free.
  • Add citations with a single click using browser extensions and bookmarklets.
  • Group libraries that work together
  • Plugins for Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and LibreOffice allow you to import citations.
  • Processing of a high number of references in a short amount of time
  • Direct import from PubMed is possible
  • Cons

  • All features are only available in desktop/laptop software
  • Only 300 MB of cloud storage is available for free
  • No smartphone apps
  • You cannot adjust the citation styles in Zotero
  • It is not possible to highlight or annotate within PDF files
  • For multiple titles at once, direct import from Ebsco, ProQuest, and Science Direct databases is insufficient



Reference generators are a great aid when it comes to writing your dissertation. Inserting the citations manually for your dissertation is frustrating, but reference generators make the job easier. Despite its popularity, there are many alternatives to Cite This for Me that you can use to properly cite the sources in your dissertation.