They've just ignored it and perform the whole surprise

They've just ignored it and perform the whole surprise


I agree with you, but that is probably 20 percent of Madden nfl 21 coins their clients making up 80 percent of their profit. They'll begin to lose the not MUT players if they don't at least do something now. Repairing franchise is simply the start. This game was on roster update mode for 6+ years. The lack of depth they revealed if they talked about the career mode is not something I personally want in my franchise experience. They act like this is the first time they heard that there were problems to franchise. They've just ignored it and perform the whole surprise Pikachu confront when they get backlash after people have finally spoken up even louder.

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For those upset about MC not transferring, do not worry! You'll get a big sense of pride and accomplishment buying it all up again in August! I thought madden money had always transferred in the past. I thought madden money had always transferred previously. Also on a side note Battlefront 2 is an awesome game today rather than pay2win at all. In prior decades it was a huge app update. This is a wholly new program. Going to be a completely different kind of restart. Should not be hard to transfer. Yes you're correct, the devs have changed the game so much for the greater so much because release and I've not spent a dollar on the game, and hope to compete with people who've.

I simply don't believe they CAN'T figure out a solution for moving MC, etc.. I believe they don't wish to because it would be difficult and probably cost/time-intensive, but that I do not believe for a moment that at 2020 app developers can't figure out a solution for this. This is either poor preparation or willful negligence. Like, are we supposed to believe a company the size of EA doesn't have a database which stores this type of information that they could download a CSV from or join to our EA accounts? There is clearly some kind of tether between different programs considering they requested us to join our EA Accounts today and likely also will in MM2021. For me, this screams laziness / a lack of giving a shit because they know MM is the only option people have. This is why we need competition in this area.

No Madden cash transfer. No season score. No heritage team. No scores is the operative word there. . .there needs to be a legacy component or some thing we can do during madden futures. Wow. Each of the grinding should at least offer something. In years ago you could get gamers and fill in your group for next season. It's true, those were nice bonuses weren't they. But certainly you didn't grind all year to get a few elites next time around. No but as someone that didnt begin this year before the buy mut coins madden 21 TOTD promo came out it feels rather useless. The console versions do not disappear if a new version comes out... You are comparing apples and apples.