Air Gun Pellet BB Gun Resetting Target, Rated for .22/.177 Caliber

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Air Gun Pellet BB Gun Resetting Target, Rated for .22/.177 Caliber

Air Gun Pellet BB Gun Resetting Target, Rated for .22/.177 Caliber tob outdoors is a cheap hunting gear online shop Canada.

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Size: 10.5" (L) x 8" (W) x 13.5" (H); 1.7" shooting targets challenge your accuracy from various distances.

Use with .177 caliber and .22 caliber pellet air rifles.

AUTO RESET - Simply shoot the top reset target and begin another shooting rotation. Comes with 10 pcs bullseye target stickers to notify you when you hit or miss your target shooting.

FIRM STABILITY - Heavy-duty steel construction. Stick the sturdy pointy feet into the ground to ensure stable performance and prevent wobbles.

LIGHTWEIGHT PORTABILITY - Quick and easy assembly, just press into the ground and fire away. Folds flat for easy storage and transport.

Never use armor piercing, full metal jacketed, shotgun slug, hollow points, magnum loads, or ballistic tip ammunition.

Always use softnose lead bullets, if others are used bodily injury may occur.

Always secure and maintain a safe backdrop to prevent injury from any misdirected or ricochet bullets.

If you have a problem such as the lower targets won't "set" using a pellet rifle try tilting the top of stand towards you. It works perfectly with my Crosman NP .22 at 20 yards... In other words don't make it level, angle the top towards your shooting position slightly... Look at it and figure it out...

It is exactly what it says and more! We used it with airsoft guns and it works great also works great with my .22 rifle! It is made of metal, not plastic. And my boys and I love using it for target practice, very easy to set up!

I bought my son his first air soft gun and this target for Christmas. He loves the target and gets such a sense of accomplishment when he hears the bullet hit the metal.

Come on guys get the pictures right‼️ The short prop legs must be in the front, otherwise it doesn’t work... looks like a good target, not cheaply made❗️ I’ll update after I get a chance to shoot this thing.

I use this for BB gun practice. BBs won't flip the targets, but they move and you know you hit it.

Awesome to shoot a pellet gun with!! It is well loved by all family members!!

This thing is awesome fun. Has a nice

ba-ding sound when you hit it. It flips over nicely too. Nothing better then to hit the top target and reset it. Wooohooo!