Procedures Of Product Liability Cases

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Our community is essentially founded on a free-market framework in which commodities and services are exchanged for monetary value. When individuals buy a product, they have a reasonable expectation that it will perform as the maker and store owner has advertised. If a product fails to perform the functions claimed, the purchaser can hold the manufacturer liable for repairs or a full refund.


In the instance of an accident caused by a faulty product, the affected person may be able to hold the manufacturer liable. If the product is defective or harmful, consumers should be able to prove that the business should have been aware of the risk and should have taken precautions. The injured individual may choose to file a product liability case against the manufacturer to compensate for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.


It is often up to the prosecution to prove that the product directly caused the injury and was not the result of improper use or user error on the part of the consumer. Persons who are injured by defective products should first seek immediate medical attention for their injuries and should be sure to document the injury thoroughly. It is wise to take photos of the scene and the product. The account of the incident should be documented, and the product should be preserved if possible.


When consulting an attorney about your case, you should:


  • Provide the product that caused injury if possible
  • Show documentation detailing the injury and the incident
  • Include literature included with the product like instruction manuals, warnings, and warranty information
  • Provide medical records showing the extent of the injury and treatment given
  • Provide documentation of any medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses incurred as a result of the injury
  • Provide receipts to show any expenses made due to the injury



Products liability cases often rely on proving that the product was defective and directly caused the injury through normal use. Manufacturers should provide written warnings of hazardous use and should recall any products that are found to pose a danger to unwitting consumers. If the manufacturer fails to recall a dangerous item, they may face serious legal consequences as a result.


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