Does the exhaust pipe emit blue smoke, white smoke and black smoke?

When we are on the road, we often see smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of other people's cars. Sometimes it is white smoke, sometimes it is black or even blue.

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When we are on the road, we often see smoke coming out of the exhaust pipes of other people's cars. Sometimes it is white smoke, sometimes it is black or even blue. Many people are a little confused. It is also a car. Why is the color of the discharge different? In fact, there is knowledge here. Different exhaust colors represent different causes. If colored smoke continues to be left unchecked, I am afraid that the car’s forehead failure will get deeper and deeper. Today, let's take a look at how the three colors of smoke from the car exhaust are caused.




white smoke


White smoke from the exhaust pipe is very common, especially when the car is just started in winter. Generally speaking, no matter what the reason is, the white smoke we see is formed by water vapor. When the car starts cold in winter, due to the low outside temperature, the water vapor emitted after the fawde engine burns will change to what we see. The white smoke that arrives is the most common and very short-lived. It is the same principle that we can see when we breathe with our mouths in winter. However, if the phenomenon of white smoke continues and is relatively thick, it is abnormal, indicating that the engine is in a problem. It is necessary to check whether there is water such as coolant entering the engine, or the water content of the gasoline being filled is too high.


blue smoke



If the exhaust pipe emits blue smoke, it means that the car has malfunctioned. When the engine oil enters the combustion chamber and participates in the combustion, the phenomenon of blue smoke will be emitted. When burning oil, the car owner must pay attention, because at this time, your car engine may have problems such as too much oil, too high liquid level, aging valve oil seal, too large gap between piston ring and cylinder wall, etc., must be repaired in time to avoid Due to the insufficient amount of oil, the lubrication effect is reduced, the cylinder is pulled, and a large amount of carbon deposits are formed.


black smoke


I believe that many people have seen black smoke from the exhaust pipe, especially some old cars with a long age. Black smoke from the exhaust pipe is generally caused by too rich mixture and insufficient combustion of the engine, that is, insufficient intake air, and too much fuel, the engine is not sufficient in the combustion process, and the gasoline is not completely burned. A large number of carbon particles are formed under it, which eliminates "soot", which is what we see as black smoke. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as the failure of the throttle position sensor, air flow meter, oxygen sensor and other sensors. If it is not repaired in time, it will cost more fuel, easily form carbon deposits, and cause more serious air pollution.


It can be seen that the different colors of smoke emitted from the exhaust pipe are caused by different reasons, which are all related to the condition of the engine combustion chamber. When we find that the exhaust is not right, we can analyze the cause of the failure through the color of the exhaust. Prescribe the right medicine.