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Our mushrooms are fresh and deeply flavorful. We offer a wide array of shiitake, button and portobello mushrooms, plus specialty varieties like shitake oyster, enoki, cauliflower and king trumpet. They’re great in soups and broths, stews, sauces and pastas. And they’re the perfect addition to cold salads, such as our signature shiitake salad with red peppers and jicama. You’ve seen them in your grocery store and maybe even bought a few. But chances are there are thousands of varieties that you’re not familiar with. So we’re here to help. With expert advice and some recipes to try, you’re on to an adventure in real mushrooms. Or, at least, a regular old pasta dish. Did you know there are mushrooms that are good for your heart? Find out which ones they are and how they could be the key to improving wellness in this 'gourmet guide' on the benefits of fungi.

The varieties of mushrooms you’ll find here aren’t just for cooking – some are edible, and others are for doing good things for yourself and the environment.Many of these mushrooms grow right here in the US – even if they come from other parts of the world. So read on to learn more about them, and where to buy them. Real Organic  Mushrooms are rich in immune system-boosting properties and antioxidants, helping to protect your cells from toxins and free radical damage. They are an excellent source of the trace mineral selenium which helps prevent the creation of free radical damage in your body's cells. They also help eliminate toxins from the liver. An added bonus: Mushrooms also help promote healthy cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels, which may help prevent or control diabetes. If you're a limber and adventurous eater, it's time to get acquainted with the edible mushrooms that are found in abundance in grocery stores, farmer's markets and CSA boxes. You'll find them served anywhere from restaurants to meat shops in a variety of forms. There's chive or button Organic mushrooms, which have a soft texture and mild taste that is delicious in sauces like pesto and tomato sauce. Shiitake look like big brown buttons but are elongated with concentric rings that resemble tree stumps; their earthy flavor works well stir-fried with a little garlic, butter and soy sauce. The soupier-looking nameko look like butter cups; they retain the flavor of whatever they're cooked with. Harvesting "wild" mushrooms is a risky business—only those with expertise should attempt it—but very convenient if you live near farms or woods where they grow gourmet varieties such as morilles.