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In this rapidly digitalizing era, where everyone is buying online medicines to avoid standing in long queues at the pharmacy stores, becoming an E-store in India is the dream of many traditional stores

And to make this dream come true, SiashMed brings to the brick and mortar pharmacies an exclusive chance to become online pharmacies by helping them to reach out to their local customers who know and trust their medicines.

So, if you’re a traditional pharmacy looking forward to selling your medicines online, you’ve probably landed the right piece to read. SiashMed is an online medicine platform that aims to create a hyperlocal marketplace by bringing onboard many local pharmacies that are losing their customers to online medicine selling companies. 

This platform will not only help to sell your medications online to local clients, but it will also assist you in reaching out to customers in other locations. It links you directly to manufacturers, PCD Pharma, Stock Points, and monopolies so you can get your pharmaceutical supplies at a lower cost and then entice your customers with incredible discounts. It also has a number of other important functions, such as direct customer chat, knowing your customers' needs and stocking your medicines accordingly, notifying your customers when their required medicine is back in stock, scheduling customer visits and their requirements, and/or posting your healthcare job openings. SiashMed is so far present in 150+ cities and has over 5000+ pharmacies registered with itself.

SiashMed promotes your business not just online through digital marketing but also offline through the distribution of booklets, posters, and banners along with newspapers.

So if you are considering becoming an E Pharmacy and bringing your business online, it is imperative for you to connect with SiashMed and find yourself a platform for your business’ growth. Download the SiashMed Pharmacy Partner App to avail the services provided by SiashMed, and visit the website to get more information about collaborating with SiashMed!