Commercial lifts Manufacturers in Mumbai

Jet Elevator is a team of young entrepreneurs with a dream to become industry leaders in customized home lift segment. Having experience of more than two decades, in the elevator industry, we are committed to satisfy our clients through continuous improvement in resources and technology.

A jet elevator has a range of home lifts suitable for under construction or existing bungalows, duplexes, rowhouses, showrooms, offices, or low-rise heritage buildings where conventional lifts cannot be installed. Our lifts can be installed internally as well as externally with minimum civil change. Our retrofit solution, flexibility in cabin size, Customised interior, Commercial lifts Manufacturers in Mumbai, and easy installation process helps to overcome architectural barriers. More than 500 customers have been benefited from our home lift solution.

Jet Elevator understands the comfort and style of our clients. We offer a wide range of finishes to make your lift an extension of your lifestyle. Lift cabins can be designed using metal finish, plastic laminates, leather, etc. We supply Panoramic swing doors with Stainless Steel frames, automatic glass doors with Stainless Steel frames. Specially designed automatic frameless glass doors. Our lifts give you the liberty to customize the cabin interior, to match your interior theme.


JET Elevator makes Commercial Lifts, Capsule Lifts, Car Parking Lifts, Hospital Lifts, Luxury Home Elevators, Kitchen Lifts and Dumbwaiters. These lifts are suitable for residential and commercial towers, hospitals, showrooms, shopping malls, hotels, offices and multiplexes.

Our lifts move noiselessly between floors and have advanced safety features, automatic controls, user-friendly operation, smooth travelling, and a longer working life with minimal maintenance. Our expertise in manufacture of lifts enables us to provide installation, maintenance and modernisation services to our esteemed clients. Our lifts are designed and manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and checked with stringent measures for defect-free delivery. A blend of elegant personalisation options, fine materials, stunning finish, clean structure, contemporary designs and world class safety standards results in lifts that appeal to modern lifestyles and corporate cultures. The lifts are brought to you with many design variations to cater to a range of individual requirements, tastes and architectural demands.

Circular Hydraulic Home Lift

Together with architects and interior designers we develop special lift designs. Circular hydraulic lifts are exclusively designed to match your interior scheme. Using our technical specialty we offer you these lifts at a reasonable price. We believe each fitting and fixture in your house represents your class. Now redefine your own class with Capsule.

Indoor Home Lift

Jet Elevator has a range of premium home lifts suitable for under construction or existing bungalows, duplexes, row houses, private villas. With minimum civil changes our home lifts can be installed. Made to order cabin sizes, wide range for cabin interior and easy installation process helps to overcome from architectural barriers. Due to customization options our home lifts become part of your interior theme. More than 500 customers have been benefited with our home lift solution.

Outdoor Home Lift

If you are staying in a old bungalow, villa, row house which was built without lift provision, Jet Elevator has retrofit home lift solution for you. Specially designed pre - fabricated shaft structure can be installed externally to fulfill your vertical transportation need. Due to flexibility in cabin sizes our lifts can be installed in very compact space, where conventional lifts can not be installed. With panoramic view, Row Houses, external home lifts are value addition to your property.

Public Place

Imagine multistory commercial showroom without lift! Your prospective buyer hesitates to climb-up stairs, as a result you loose business. Jet Elevator can provide compact lifts for showrooms, offices, hotel and restaurants. Your customer can see display items while traveling in the lift because of panoramic view. Customer feels comfortable and visit your showroom again and again.

  • Designed and manufactured as per European safety norms (EN81-1)
  • Full height safety curtain at the entrance
  • Automatic return to the lowest floor during power failure
  • Emergency stop alarm switch
  • Manual rescue operation device in Power Pack Unit
Key Benefits
  • Compact in size
  • Customized cabin sizes interior finishes
  • No machine room
  • Dumb Waiter/Kitchen lift
  • Minimum pit headroom
  • Single-phase operation (230V)
  • Zero power consumption for descend movement
  • Available in free Standing Shaft Structure
  • Available in Manual or Automatic door option
  • Smooth Noiseless operation