Five common problems and solutions for circular vibrating screens in operation

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Five common problems and solutions for circular vibrating screens in operation

Vibrating screen is very important auxiliary equipment in mine production, once the failure will directly affect the normal operation of the production line. As a common type of shaker, circular shaker (also known as: circular shaker) in the daily operation of the common problems are what? When we encounter these problems, how do we solve them? This paper analyzes the causes of five common problems of circular shaker and puts forward countermeasures.

1, circular vibrating screen shaft fracture

In general, the circular vibrating screen is mainly driven by the motor with eccentric quality of the vibrator to produce vibration. In the vibration process, the shaft is the key component that drives the vibration of the circular vibrating screen, and receives a large force. Therefore, in practice, shaft fracture is a common fault. Once the shaft fracture problem occurs, the circular vibrating screen will immediately stop working, its maintenance is more complex, must be given high attention.

Reasons and countermeasures:

Long time metal fatigue or poor shaft material

The shaft of the circular vibrating screen is a kind of metal material, which is subjected to the synthetic torque of torque and repeated impact force for a long time in the process of use. Under the action of long-term impact moment, the material inside the shaft will gradually fatigue, and fracture phenomenon will occur when the fatigue limit is reached. In addition, there are great differences in the torsional strength of different materials, if the material is poor, it will inevitably lead to low bending strength and fatigue limit, and it is easy to damage the phenomenon.

Recommended in the purchase of circular vibrating screen, we must choose regular manufacturers, to ensure that the selection of reasonable parts. At the same time, it is strictly prohibited to start the circular vibrating screen with material, to ensure that the circular vibrating screen is only started without material; Strengthen daily maintenance and inspection, check the shaft regularly, once found bending, deformation and other phenomena, it must be replaced in time, to avoid damage in the process of transmission.

Excessive tension of triangle belt

If the triangle belt tension of the circular vibrating screen is too large, it will cause the shaft to increase the bending moment, increase the synthetic moment, and increase the stress in the process of working with material significantly, even more than the allowable stress of the shaft, directly leading to the failure of the shaft. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the tension of the triangle belt in time. It is suggested that the tension of the triangle belt should be reduced as far as possible under the premise of ensuring normal transmission. Of course, this phenomenon can be avoided by flexible connection

2, circular vibrating screen transmission failure

Vibrating screen is mainly composed of vibrator, screen box, support or suspension device, transmission device and other components. Once the transmission failure occurs, the circular shaker will not be able to use, seriously affect the normal production. At the same time, the shaker transmission fault is more complex, not easy to repair.

Reasons and countermeasures:

Common round vibrating screen transmission faults include coupling wear, coupling bolt fracture and protection cylinder cracking, belt pulley bearing seat bearing damage and belt tearing.


To this end, circular vibrating screen operators need to regularly carry out preventive inspection of the transmission part, in the inspection process, especially need to pay attention to the longitudinal and transverse clearance of bearings, ensure that the spacing meets the requirements, but also need to add lubricating oil in time, to avoid serious wear; Check the bearing support every week, and add lubricating oil in time; To observe the operation of the circular vibrating screen, if there is an abnormal situation, it is necessary to stop running and check the system to avoid greater accidents.

  1. Bearing temperature is too high

High bearing temperature is also a common fault in the use of the circular shaker. Although the bearing temperature is too high, it will not have a direct impact on production immediately, but if the temperature is too high for a long time, it will inevitably have a great impact on the service life of the bearing. Therefore, technical personnel must also pay high attention to this problem.

Reasons and countermeasures:

Round shaker working time is too long

A long time of work will inevitably produce a certain amount of heat, and then promote the volatilization of lubricating oil, and the volatilization of lubricating oil will further lead to an increase in friction, making the temperature rise. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the running time of the circular vibrating screen reasonably, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, avoid long-term continuous work, and can be closed in time when the circular vibrating screen is not needed.

Lack of lubricating oil

A lack of lubricating oil will inevitably lead to rising temperatures. It is necessary to check the bearings regularly and add lubricating oil to avoid high temperature caused by insufficient lubricating oil.

4, use the process of continuous oil

Because most of the circular vibrating screen lubrication mode for eccentric shaft oil splash thin oil lubrication, this lubrication mode is difficult to fundamentally eliminate the phenomenon of oil dumping.

Reasons and countermeasures:

Vibration source rotation center line produces motion

When the vibration source rotary center line of the circular vibrating screen movement, the vibration of the airtight is more serious damage, under the action of rotating centrifugal force, must cause the circular vibrating screen in the process of operation constantly appear oil phenomenon.

Internal and external pressure difference

The circular shaker will generate a lot of heat in the process of rotation, which will cause the pressure inside the vibrator to increase. Once the vent is blocked, the internal pressure will build up. When the internal pressure reaches a certain degree, it will cause damage to the vibrator, thus destroying its air tightness and producing oil dumping phenomenon.

The sealing gland is loose

The bearing of the circular vibrating screen is installed in the bearing seat, and the sealing ring is installed on the sealing gland. If the height difference between the end face of the bearing seat and the end face of the bearing is too small, the positioning boss on the sealing gland loses its fixed positioning function, leading to the difference between the sealing gland and the bearing, resulting in the failure of the sealing effect of the sealing gland and the phenomenon of oil dumping.

Check the vibrator regularly to prevent sliding of the vibrator; Choose the lubricating oil with higher viscosity to reduce the amount of oil dumping.

  1. Short service life of the screen surface of the circular vibrating screen

The main factors affecting the aging of screen surface are the structure, material and tightness of screen surface. At present, many circular shakers use polyurethane screen surface.

Reasons and countermeasures:

On the one hand, polyurethane itself does not have high anti-aging properties. On the other hand, if the staff did not tighten the screen when installing the screen surface, that is, the screen surface is only fixed on both sides of the screen surface when installing the screen surface and the middle is not fixed, the screen surface and the bracket will constantly collide and friction in operation. Due to the direct contact between the screen surface and the material in the operation of the circular vibrating screen, when the screen surface is not tensified, in a loose state, the screen surface will produce secondary vibration, resulting in intensified wear of the screen surface, accelerate the aging phenomenon of the screen surface of the circular vibrating screen.

In this regard, it is recommended to choose high-quality screen surface, often check whether the screen surface is loose or damaged, if loose, the screen surface should be tightened in time; If there is damage, the screen surface should be replaced in time. When replacing the screen surface, the tensioning plate on both sides should have the same and uniform rising force, and the screen surface must be tightened. The screen surface that has aged and cannot be used needs to be replaced in time to avoid more serious problems.

The above is the round shaker five common problems, causes and countermeasures. In order to stable and efficient operation of equipment, in addition to the selection of equipment types in line with the beneficiation process, daily maintenance and maintenance is more important. Therefore, it is recommended that the mine owners consult with professional circular vibrating screen manufacturers in the selection of circular vibrating screen, choose equipment suitable for its own process, fundamentally ensure the normal operation and economic benefits of the whole concentrator.