How does the Hunting Jacket balance practicality and elegance

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How does the Hunting Jacket balance practicality and elegance

In the choice of men's clothing, the Hunting Jacket is a single product that is practical and elegant like an SUV. If every man's wardrobe should have a Hunting Jacket, as a must-have in daily life, I think many people will put question marks on this single product! Because not everyone knows what a Hunting Jacket is, and how to judge it as a must-have item, let alone how to match it! So today, I will use my dressing experience to talk about how the Hunting Jacket balances practicality and elegance.

Hunting jackets are often used interchangeably with bush jackets. Usually made of poplin or cotton diamonds, depending on the thickness of the jacket required, the hunting jacket is probably modeled after the British khaki military uniform and is suitable for wearing in hot climates. Therefore, it has several stylistic similarities with military jackets, including four external front pockets, usually with buttons, epaulettes and belts, although military jackets are not always belted. Although the traditional hunting jacket color is khaki, sometimes olive green or army green, they are very flexible in design, with many variations in color, length, number of pockets and belts. The flexibility of the lightweight material makes the jacket easy to pack, while the toughness of the poplin or drill bit makes it strong and durable.

Light Hunting Jacket

The four envelope pockets of the hunting suit meet the practicality of reasonable storage of necessary items under field conditions. However, the design of the pocket shape has never stopped. For example, the chest pocket adopts conspicuous buckles, wing-shaped flaps, discounts and large-size pockets, which can emphasize and expand the chest, and then receive a narrow waistline, presenting an inverted triangle shape, making thin people stronger (reflecting chest muscles) The strong), while the fat is thin (reflecting the clarity of the waistline). The waist pocket uses a low-key square flap, concealed buckle and no fold, which makes people pay attention to the chest pocket, which improves the line of sight and avoids dragging the body shape. In addition, if you unfasten the last button and tighten the waistband, the hem can also be flared like part of a suit, revealing more of the lower body, heightening the body shape, and strengthening the chest-to-waist ratio.

In the past, in order to adapt to the hot climate and the complex wild environment, Hunting Jackets were usually made of light cotton or cotton silk, but today, with the changes in textile technology and living environment, the diversity of fabric types has expanded the Hunting Jacket The changing of the living environment makes the Hunting Jackets have higher requirements for the drape and stretchability of the fabric. The drape of the fabric can well show the line feeling of the clothes in the natural state, and the line feeling presented by it usually fully fits the curve of the human body. The elasticity of the fabric should satisfy the requirement that the fabric can maintain its original shape while switching between sitting and standing when wearing a Hunting Jacket.

For the matching of Light Hunting Jackets, it is true that you have to wear your own style. Usually according to its use occasion-formal and informal, its presentation forms are also divided into two types: when worn as a jacket, or directly as a suit jacket; and according to the wearing style, it is divided into: business, casual, yuppie, Street tide; but sometimes the strict constraints and guidance are not good. You can try it as you wish, so that elegance will appear inadvertently.

The hunting suit is directly regarded as a suit jacket and worn with a shirt and tie. This is a more typical business style. However, it should be avoided to wear the whole suit and the same color. It is the best to wear a suit with a hunting jacket. Excellent plan. Neither looks very formal nor too casual. This style of dressing is my original intention to customize hunting outfits, but since then more experimental outfits have allowed me to really see the possibilities of hunting outfits.

The yuppie style is a form for gentlemen to show their individuality. The goal of its innovation in the field of style is to try to achieve a balance between self and others, and to be perceived as a "casual, not random" dressing intention. The most typical feature of the Yuppies style is the "level of collocation", that is, it is necessary to have both the "elegant" temperament and the spirit of "sniff" at the level. The hunting jacket has its innate "wildness", and it is also the single product that can wear the Yuppy style most through hunting clothes, shirts (Polo shirts, turtleneck sweaters), jeans (trousers, casual pants) The combination of wearing and matching, supplemented with silk scarves, bracelets, watches and other accessories embellishment, this combination can not be better!