"Time Travelling is Possible?"

Time travel is the concept time and space, parallel to movement between different points in space by an object or a person, typically with the use of a hypothetical device known as a time machine to travel time

Time travel is a widely recognized concept in philosophy and fiction. The idea of a time machine was popularized by Herbert George Wells 1895 novel The Time Machine.

Time Machine was a technology used to time travel though space and time however it does not exist today.But the absence of extraterrestrial visitors does not prove they do not exist, so the absence of time travelers fails to prove time travel is physically impossible; it might be that time travel is physically possible but is never developed or is cautiously used.

However there are theories to time travel in different ways these includes; Wormhole, Blackholes and Running very fast that Faster than Light??

Are you curios if a time traveler has rule to be followed not to say a word about time travelling so it will not break the present time and make a mistake to change the future and what will happen??

I'll give you Three Person who claim real time traveler

There are people Claim to be Real Time Traveler.


1.Time Traveler Hipster

A photograph from 1941 of actual  right of the re-opening of the South Fork Bridge in gold bridge in Britania, was alleged to show a time traveler. It was claimed that his clothing and sunglasses were of the present day and not of the styles worn in the 40s.

according to researchers they suggested that the present day look of the man may not have been so new. The manner of sunglasses first appeared in the 1920s. On first eye-beaming the man is taken by many to be wearing a printed T-shirt, but on closer inspection it seems to be a sweater with a sewn-on emblem, the kind of clothing often worn by sports teams of the period. The shirt is very similar to the one that was used by the Montreal Maroons, an ice hockey team from that era. The remainder of his clothing would appear to have been available at the time, though his clothes are far more informal than those worn by the other individuals in the photograph.



2. Hakan Nordkvist

Hakan Nordkvist travelled in the future to 2042 through sink cabinet! 

He had his phone when he get into the sink cabinet that may be its a worm hole and record himself

On 30 August 2006, a Sweden man, Hakan Nordkvist, returned to his home from job to find water leakage, the kitchen sink pipe spilling out water all on the floor. In order to fix the pipe, he gathered his tools and opened the sink cabinet. As he crawled into the cabinet, a bright light showed him the path and the cabinet converted into a tunnel. He kept on crawling the path to realize that he landed into the future, the year 2042.

Hakan was surprised to meet a 72-year-old version of himself, there.  At first, he could not believe the sight.  He did a lot of tests on the older version of himself to confirm the truth.  Well, being Hakan’s older version, the man from 2042 knew all the secrets of his early life like where he hid his stuff when he was in the first grade,  or what the score was in the soccer match against Växjö Norra in the summer of 88. Above all, the man had the impressions of the same tattoo; however, it was faded a little with the time. Hence, Hakan was really convinced that the other man was he, himself and that he had, now, travelled to the future

"Watch the video in youtube"



3. Andrew Carlssin 

He wa a 44-Year-Old Man Who Claims To Be A Time Traveler From 2256 

In 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin was investigated by the FBI, at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for being under suspicion of insider trading because of mysteriously increasing his stock in just 2 weeks.

In his day, Andrew Carlssin told the FBI that he was a temporary traveler and that he was coming from the year 2256, and that he could prove it. His case today remains a mystery that there is hardly any evidence to show that this person really existed.

On January 28, 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin received a petition by the SEC’s FBI (Security and Exchange Commission) to be questioned on suspicion of insider trading or Insider-trading. Suspicions began when the SEC learned that Carlssin inexplicably increased his assets in cash for an initial value of 800 dollars to 350 million dollars in just two weeks! Even today no one can do that passive income

Andrew Carlssin invested in high-risk stock market transactions in 126 commercial operations without even making a mistake. If they were you what would you think of a man without making mistake that was like he already know what will happen. It's too good to be true right??After a few years the biggest traders on Wall Street suffered huge economic losses due to extraordinary market volatility, so when Carlssin experienced an extraordinary gain in 126 stock market decisions, stock traders began to suspect that something strange was happening with Mr. Carlssin.


 The FBI, shortly after his interrogation, said: “We are still trying to find out the source of information about where Carlssin gets his privileged information. said information. “

During four hours of interrogation, Carlssin said that he was a time traveler, a man who came from the year 2256. Carlssin said: “I can not help myself, and I’ve been trying to look natural, making me lose a little money here and a little there, but it seems that I got carried away by the environment “. 


What Would you think about them?? Are you gonna believe for what you read or you have to prove it with your own eyes and experience?