Azzanadra's seal can be lost if you "find it on a ground and pick it up by itself"

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{The dialogue in "Azzanadra will reply to you via the dialogue "". When you've received the names for OSRS gold the first time you speak to him the demon butler will simply say the name of the demon butler. Azzanadra will not even talk about seals you've already received. Should you lose a seal, Azzanadra will replace it by contacting him in person. If you have an activated Ring of Charos, Azzanadra will replace the seals through contacting him, otherwise, you'd have to travel to him.

Azzanadra's seal can be lost if you "find it on a ground and pick it up by itself". This means that if you are unable to find Azzanadra's seal or other similar items, and with the protect item prayer that those items as well as the seal will still be yours.

If you invoke the seals they will give you a special effect. Imp invoked will give you the "Rusty Imp Dagger" it will grant you 10 points to your strength and none of the other stats. when you take on a pickpocketable opponent the damage you inflict is determined by the number of times you pick-pocket them without being arrested, however if you strike an enemy whose theft isn't enough to take from, you'll only take on them.

The hidden +5 bonus to steal is provided by this dagger. If you attack a guard equipped with the dagger, and then commit 35 thieving you will be able steal from them. The seal will be destroyed after you've acquired the item and buy RS gold defeated Zamorak. If Azzanadra's Seal is in your inventory, an imp can give you a new seal in the event that your dagger was lost.