Photo Restoration Jobs

We Do Not Hire Currently
but we might do so later


If you would like to show us what you can do, please, download a test image (see link below), restore and colorize it.
There are no special colorization instructions, you are free to choose (we want see how you solve the color combination puzzle yourself).

  >> Download Test Image <<

Please Note:
1. Make sure you show us your highest quality.
2. Please, DO NOT send us your other job samples unsolicited.
3. If you didn't receive a reply from TPF studio. That means we didn't make a decision regarding your candidature yet or we are not hiring currently.

Please be patient. We receive many emails with finished test jobs every day, we just can't explain each artist why his work didn't fit our needs. If we did like your work you will receive a HAPPY letter from TPF studio shortly.

We give you just one chance to prove that you are great and experienced artist. Promises like: "I can do better...", "I would do better if..." and etc., won't work sorry.

If you are wondering that TPF studio finish their own orders by posting them here, you can come back here after few month and you will see same test job sample.

Thank you for your hard work in advance and Good Luck!

Please, send us your completed job along with your contacts to

Please note: this is a free test job, no payment will be sent.

Customer's Says
Your Quality is Excellent by Austin