Color correction

Color correction:

How many times have you seen discolored images taken in rooms with filament bulbs or underwater, old prints and images with unpleasant colors and incorrect white balance settings? Photos with Color or exposure shifts don't seem to be suitable for professional or amateur use, but it can be overcome.

Color correction is a major prepress stage and is closely associated with making good looking prints and web albums. Retouche provides prepress, RAW conversion, and color correction services of industry quality either separate or together with retouching.

Color enhancement is demanded for successful printing and web publishing which includes temperature, skin tone adjustment, saturation, exposure, contrast and brightness correction, highlights and shadows balance control.

We correct JPEG and TIFF files, make RAW processing of huge photo sets for your creative and printing needs. Also we provide professional profile conversions, such as RGB to CMYK. We take care of damaged amateur portraits, or landscape photos, for professional photos taken by CANON, NIKON, OLYMPUS and other cameras in any file format (CR2, NEF). Our color correction services are oriented both for single picture enhancing and for mass professional prepress.

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